Articifical Intelligence in the Search for Life Beyond Earth

Are we alone in the universe?  Until recently, many people thought so—the Earth is unique, they believed, and we are ...
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A Planet Blacker Than Coal, A Blog by Terry Bacon

A Planet Blacker Than Coal

Imagine a planet so black that it would appear to be a hole in the sky.  If you were approaching ...
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A blog on the issue of Covid 19, beating the odds

Covid-19: Beating the Odds

Forty thousand Americans died of Covid this summer.  That’s an astonishing number for a disease most Americans believe is behind ...
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Cartwheel Galaxy Resembling Spokes and Wheel

Images from the Webb: The Cartwheel Galaxy

The James Webb Space Telescope is a significant advance in our ability to discern details about the universe that even ...
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Can Science Be Trusted?

Marcus Aurelius was a Stoic philosopher and the last of Rome’s Five Good Emperors.  He reigned from 161 to 180 ...
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