Covid-19: Beating the Odds

A blog on the issue of Covid 19, beating the odds

Forty thousand Americans died of Covid this summer.  That’s an astonishing number for a disease most Americans believe is behind us, for a pandemic we wish is more past than present.  We’ve become lax in our hand washing and mask wearing and avoidance of crowds.  We’re traveling again, in greater numbers, gathering on beaches and…

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What is the most popular name in America for baby girls in 2022?

The most popular name for girls this year is Olivia.  The next most popular girl’s names are: Olivia Emma Amelia Ava Sophia Charlotte Isabella Mia Luna Harper These names look remarkably different from the ten most popular girl’s names in 1950.  They were Linda, Mary, Patricia, Barbara, Susan, Nancy, Deborah, Sandra, Carol, and Kathleen.  In…

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