Elegy for the Republican Party

I am old enough to remember when Dwight Eisenhower was president.  Although I was too young to vote and had ...
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Abortion Rights and State Religion, A Blog by Terry Bacon

Abortion Rights and State Religion

For years I have hesitated to write about the effect of religion on population. My hesitation has not been because ...
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A Vehicle with Guns Images and Text, Gods, Guns and Trump

Don’t Be Afraid to Use the “F” Word

No, I don’t mean that F word. No one these days seems afraid to use it. I mean this F ...
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Addressing the issue of abortion in the picture

America’s Most Vexing Issue

With its recent ruling on abortion, our conservatively stacked Supreme Court has poured gasoline on the flames of a culture ...
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Update: On the Inevitability of Social Liberalism

Conservative Commentator Rush Limbaugh This is an update to an article I published four years ago. The progress toward social ...
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