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The best time to book air travel

When is the best time to book a flight?  According to, it depends on the season.  For the four seasons, it’s best to book travel at least 21 days in advance, but the optimal booking time for the cheapest fares varies.  Here are the ranges and optimal days ahead for each season:

Summer:             Range:  21 – 140 days ahead.  Optimal: 76

Fall:                        Range:  21 – 91 days ahead.  Optimal:  47

Winter:                 Range:  21 – 86 days ahead.  Optimal:  54

Spring:                  Range:  21 – 105 days ahead; Optimal:  75

These ranges and optimal days ahead are on average the best booking days to find the least expensive fares.  The best day to book travel:  Sunday.  The worst day:  Friday.  Of course, airline fares follow little rhyme or reason, and it’s always best to look for deals, especially packages including hotels and rental cars.

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