Haunted Woman

It was a dark and stormy night.  October 31st.  You’re prepared for an evening of trick or treaters.  There’s a bowl by your door filled with the kinds of treats you enjoyed when, as a child, you arrived at people’s doors in your costume.  A ghost perhaps.  A monster.  Or something more light-hearted–a fairy or a hobo, your face smudged,  a crooked hat on your head.  Or a nurse in your white uniform, but with blackened eyes and too-red lipstick.  Or a superhero wearing a black cape and an eye mask.  Enjoyable memories of childhood.  Then comes a knock at your door.  When you open it, expecting children in comically scary outfits, you instead see this young woman.  She doesn’t speak, and you wonder if she’s come to the wrong house.  It’s twilight outside.  Maybe she can’t read your house numbers and wants directions.  Then you notice her eyes.  There’s something odd about her eyes.

Video credit:  Haunted woman:  Video 40417254 © Lario Tus | Dreamstime.com

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Terry Bacon