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May 25, 2018. Harvey Weinstein surrenders to New York City police and will be charged with rape

Photo of Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein

May 25, 2018.  Harvey Weinstein will surrender to New York City police today and will be charged with rape.  Once one of Hollywood’s most powerful producers, Weinstein had apparently preyed on women for many years but was protected by a code of silence among those who knew about his behavior and by female victims who were too intimidated, ashamed, or worried about their careers to sound the alarm.  It’s well past time for this predator to face justice.  He has already essentially been expelled from Hollywood, lost his business, and faced divorce and recrimination for years of sexual misconduct, but he needs to face jail time, too.  The only good that’s come out of this distressing episode is that he helped spawn the Me Too movement and has unintentionally given more women the courage to speak out about abuse they’ve suffered at the hands of powerful men.

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