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May 18, 2018. Another mass school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas

Texas with the "x" replaced by crossed bullets
Deadly school shooting in Texas

May 18, 2018.  Another mass school shooting has taken place, this time in Santa Fe, Texas.  The teenage gunman, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, opened fire with a shotgun and a pistol just after school began.  He killed eight students and two teachers in an art class before exchanging fire with responding police officers and eventually surrendering.  Among the victims was a girl who had rejected the shooter’s advances.  Another student, Paige Curry, told reporters that with all the school shootings happening, she felt that it would eventually happen at her school, too.

Predictably, Republican lawmakers blamed the incident on everything but guns.  Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick said that teachers needed to be armed and schools needed fewer entrances and exits (fire marshals might not agree with this).  Patrick blamed the violence on abortions and violent video games (yes, it’s difficult to make sense of the abortion angle).  The massacre in Santa Fe is the 22nd school shooting in American in 2018.  Presumably, the rate of school shootings will now decline—but only because summer is upon us and school’s out.  However, the pace of school shootings will pick up again in September when schools resume.  That is as predictable as the fact that Republican lawmakers and their NRA supporters will do nothing to staunch the blood flowing from students’ veins.

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