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March 3, 2020. Joe Biden wins ten states on Super Tuesday–and Mike Bloomberg is out

March 3, 2020.  In a stunning political comeback, Joe Biden won nine states on Super Tuesday:  Texas, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Maine, and Oklahoma.  Bernie Sanders won Vermont, Utah, and Colorado, and is likely to win California.  Mike Bloomberg, who did poorly in all of these primaries, withdrew from the race after spending hundreds of millions of dollars and has endorsed Biden.  Elizabeth Warren trailed badly in all states and came in third in her home state of Massachusetts.  Today, her aides say she is considering her path forward.

One thing seems to unite most Democrats–and that is the commitment to defeating Trump next November.  Democratic voters are saying that that is their principal reason for selecting a candidate.  Sanders is still a viable candidate and could win the nomination, but it seems increasingly likely that voters will turn to Biden because they believe he is the better opponent against Trump.  Two weeks ago, Biden’s candidacy seemed dead in the water.  Then a landslide victory in South Carolina pumped new energy and money into his campaign.

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