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June 6, 2018. Judge Aaron Persky Recalled

Photo of Former Judge Aaron Persky
Former Judge Aaron Persky

Santa Clara, California Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky was recalled by voters yesterday.  He is the infamous judge who sentenced a Stanford University athlete to six months in prison for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman.  Brock Turner served just three months before being released.  The victim wrote an impassioned letter about her experience that went viral and spurred outrage among not only women’s groups and victim’s rights advocates but all people who believe that sexual assault cases are too often handled carelessly by authorities and perpetrators receive unequal treatment under the law based on race and other demographic factors.  The perpetrator in this case was a privileged, white, 19-year-old man attending a prestigious university, and the judge said that harsher punishment would have had a severe impact on the young man.  Never mind the severe impact on the victim.  Persky had four years remaining on his term, and his ouster is a poor substitute for justice, but it is fitting that voters threw the bum out.  Now maybe he’ll have time to reflect on his priorities.  Here’s a suggestion for his next avocation:  volunteer at a rape crisis center.  They might need a janitor.

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