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Humanity: A Global Journey by Jim Foster

If you have subscribed to National Geographic magazine–or glanced through it in a doctor’s office while waiting for an appointment–then you’ve seen pictures of the seemingly infinite variety of human beings around our planet:  from Masai herders on the plains of Kenya to dancers at the temples in Angkor Wat and from Russian peasants celebrating a wedding in traditional clothing to novitiate monks at prayer in Myanmar.  Such photos remind us of the majestic, multicultural world we inhabit and of the fascinating differences that define us as well as the common humanity we share.  But what many of us glimpsed in National Geographic, Durangoan Jim Foster has experienced.  He has been an avid world traveler for much of his life and has captured life on Earth through his lens.  This photo journey, the first of two parts, presents a few of his photos of people around the world.

Two girls lighting candles at a church
Lighting candles at a church in Korsakov



Two Russian girls wearing scarves light candles at a church in Korsakov on Sakhalin Island.  This is a ritual repeated in churches of many denominations throughout the world.  We wonder what they are praying for.






A young indigenous Russian boy with a rope
A Russian boy demonstrates his skill with a rope



An indigenous Russian boy in Chukotka Province, opposite Alaska, shows his skill with a lasso-type rope.  He is aware of the camera but stays focused on his target.




Photo of a bartender at the Dung Beetle Bar in
The Dung Beetle Bar in Botswana




It’s happy hour at the Dung Beetle Bar in an Okovango Delta camp in Botswana.  Note the figurine of a dung beetle in the lower right.  Don’t be squeamish.  The drinks are dung-free.






Photo of a Burmese woman smoking a fat cigar
A woman in Myanmar smokes a homemade cigar




A woman in Myanmar smokes a big, fat stoogie while balancing a bundle of sticks on her head.





Photo of newlyweds in Indonesia
Bride and Groom in Indonesia



These newlyweds are leading a march to their wedding feast on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia







Photo of a Cambodian dancer at a temple
Dancer from the Royal Cambodian Ballet



A dancer from the Royal Cambodian Ballet poses in a temple ruin near Angkor Wat flanked by nearly identically garbed stone figures.





Photo of a neighborhood band in Havana
A neighborhood band playing in Havana





Neighborhood bands like this one are a common sight in Havana’s arts district.





Photo of a student sitting beneath a wall at Munich's modern art museum
A student at Munich’s modern art museum




A student catches up on studies while sunbathing along the colorful wall of Munich’s Museum of Modern Art






Photo of an Australian woman with a wombat
A young wombat nuzzles its keeper



In Australia, a young wombat nuzzles its keeper.  Wombats are burrowers with rodent-like teeth.  Full grown, they can be three feet long and weigh around sixty pounds.






Photo of two Masai men wearing red robes
Masai herdsmen in Kenya




Two Masai herdsmen on the dusty plains of Kenya, friendly and perhaps amused by the photographer.  Note their beaded wrist and ankle bracelets.




Photo of two Tanzanian schoolboys
Tanzanian schoolboys mugging for the camera




With mischievous delight in their eyes, these two Tanzanian schoolboys take a break from class to clown for the photographer.





Photo of three bathers in an infinity pool in Singapore
An infinity pool in Singapore




This infinity pool atop a high-rise building in Singapore offers an unusual–and perhaps frightening–perspective on a modern, busy city.





All photographs are courtesy of James H. Foster, Copyright 2020.   All rights reserved.


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  1. Thank you for a beautiful picture show. Well done and helpful to be in your rear view mirror.

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