Abortion Rights and State Religion

For years I have hesitated to write about the effect of religion on population. My hesitation has not been because ...
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1500 people killed in attack on Hawaii in picture

1,500 People Killed in Attack on Hawaii

This stunning proclamation was the headline on the front page of the December 8, 1941, edition of the Pueblo Star-Journal. ...
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Life blog on premature of Ellika Larsdotter

Reflections on the Premature Death of Ellika Larsdotter

Ellika Larsdotter was born on April 25, 1703 in Nysund, Sweden, a small farming community.  Most of the details of ...
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The washing machine depicts Who knows what goes on in there

My Evil Washing Machine

I noticed something disconcerting several months ago after doing my wash and putting my wet underwear in the dryer.  Nearly ...
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